Extensive experience in academic disciplines, research, administration and consulting. Over 10 years of teaching Russian language for international students. 10 years of teaching psycholinguis-tics. Three monographs, three textbooks, two dictionaries and two anthologies and more than 70 articles published. More than 70 lectures given at different conferences. Designed conceptual basis of a computer program for text analysis. Ph.D. in psycholinguistics. Full professor. An expert in text analysis and detecting subliminal speech content.


E-mail:vbelyanin@mtu-net.ru      vbelyanin@hotmail.com


1996 Full professor
Moscow State Linguistic University. Department of Psycholinguistics
1993 D. Litt. in the theory of linguistics (general linguistics, psycholinguistics, sociolinguistics).
Moscow State University named after Lomonosov, philological faculty.
1985 Ph. D. in general linguistics, sociolinguistics and psycholinguistics.
Institute of Linguistics of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR.
1991 Associated professor. Moscow State Linguistic University.
Department of General Psychology and Psycholinguistics.
1978 MA Honours Qualifications: instructor of Russian language and literature, Interpreter from English into Russian, interpreter from Swahili into Russian.
Peoples' Friendship University named after Patrice Lumumba, Faculty of History and Philology. (Moscow, Russia)
1976 BA in linguistics
Peoples' Friendship University named after Patrice Lumumba, Faculty of History and Philology. (Moscow, Russia)


2001 Qualification of neuro-linguistic programming practitioner (120 hrs).
Psychology and Business Online Co. Application of Communicational Models in Business.
2000 Practical Problem Solving and Strategic Thinking in Business. (32 hours).
"Foundation for Living". Peter Wrycza. (Moscow-Bali).
1985-1987 Philosophy and social psychology
Moscow State University. Faculty of ongoing education for professors.
1977-1978 Guide and interpreter (in Russian and English).
Bureau of International Youth Tourism "Sputnik". Courses of guides and interpreters.

LANGUAGE COMPETENCE (at least of reading knowledge)



1. Employment

Full time job
1997-2001 Moscow State University named after Lomonosov, Centre for International Education
PositionFull professor
Tasks - teaching students
- writing textbooks
1997 National Political University (Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C.). Graduate Institute of Linguistics.
PositionFull professor
Tasks - delivering lectures, conducting seminars and consultations
- supervising students' M.A. works
1996-1997 National Political University (Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C.). College of Foreign Languages.
PositionFull professor
Tasks - teaching Russian language
-designing educative and examination materials
- organizing the extra-curricula activities of the students
1991-1996 Moscow State University named after Lomonosov, Centre for International Education
PositionAssociate professor
Tasks - teaching students
- supervising education and examination materials
1988-1991 Moscow State University named after Lomonosov, Centre for International Education
Tasks - teaching students
- supervising education and examination materials
1987-1988 University of Havana. Preparatory Faculty. Dept. of Russian Language (Republic of Cuba).
PositionFull-time consultant
Tasks- supervising teaching activities, designing examination materials
- delivering lectures
- supervising research of the professor stuff
1980-1987 Moscow State University named after Lomonosov, Centre for International Education
Tasks- teaching students
1980 Institute of Russian Language named after Pushkin (Moscow, Russia).
PositionFaculty assistant
Tasks- assisting head of the department, office management
- intensive language courses (suggestion & hypnosis incl.) to Vietnamese teachers of Russian
1978-1980 Oil and Gas Technical College. Dept of Russian Language. (Afghanistan)
PositionInstructor of Russian language for beginners and specialists in technology
Tasks- teaching language
- evaluating qualification exams
- issuing weekly digests, writing and editing articles and textbooks
1997-2001 Moscow State Linguistic University. Dept. of General Psychology and Psycholinguistics, Dept. of Psycholinguistics. (Moscow, Russia)
PositionFull professor
Tasks- teaching students
- supervising Ph.D. theses (1 student awarded Ph.D. in psychology, 3 in linguistics, 4 are in progress)
- supervising course and diploma MA papers (more than 50)
- evaluating entering and qualification exams for Ph.D. degree
1990-1996 Moscow State Linguistic University
Position Associated professor
Tasks- delivering lectures
- supervising MA students' practice in schools
- evaluating final students' state exams
1995-2001 Kaluga State Pedagogical University, Dept. of General and Forensic Psychology (Russia)
PositionFull professor
Tasks- delivering lectures in psychology
- evaluating exams
- designing educational programs
1999 Moscow State Univ., Philological faculty, Dept. of General, Comparative and Historical Linguistics
PositionFull professor.
Tasks- delivering lectures
- evaluating exams
1994-1995 Moscow State University, Philological faculty, Dept. of English Linguistics (Moscow, Russia)
PositionFull professor
Tasks- delivering lectures, evaluating exams
1995-1996 Moscow State Univ. Faculty for foreign languages. Dept of Theory and Practice of Speech Communication (Moscow, Russia)
PositionAssociated professor
Tasks- delivering lectures
- evaluating exams
1998-2001 New Humanitarian University of Nataly Nesterova. Dept of Foreign Languages. (Moscow, Russia)
Full professor
Tasks- delivering lectures
- evaluating graduation exams
- evaluating final students' exams
1999 Kuban State University. (Krasnodar, Russia).
PositionFull professor
Tasks- delivering lectures in new course
- writing a textbook
1997-1998 International Slavonic Academy, Dept. of Psychology. (Moscow, Russia)
PositionFull professor
Tasks- delivering lectures in psychology
- evaluating exams
1993-1995 State Republican Library. Dept. of Library Systems. (Moscow, Russia)
PositionSenior research fellow
Tasks- research design
- summarising library data
- writing research reports
1994 Institute for the Development of Personality, Russian Academy of Education. Laboratory of Phenomenology of Personality (Moscow, Russia)
PositionLeading research fellow
Tasks- conducting research
- writing analytical reports
1989 Moscow State Inst. of International Relations. Dept of ongoing education (Moscow, Russia)
PositionAssociated professor
Tasks- delivering lectures
1976 University of Lublin (Poland).
PositionInstructor of Russian language for students
Tasks- teaching language
- conducting extramural activities of students
- designing programs about politics and culture for the University radio intranet
1979--1980 Bureau of International Youth Tourism "Sputnik"
Tasks- guided tours over Moscow city, museums, Kremlin, vicinities (in English)
- guide and interpreter with groups of international visitors at Moscow Olympic Games

2. Scholarships

1991-1992 Institute of Linguistics of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
Doctoral Scholarship
1980-1983 Institute of Linguistics of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, Dept. of Psycholinguistics and Theory of Mass Communication.
Extramural postgraduate studentship

3. Academic Honours

1998 Visiting 15 American Universities with the help of the Eisenhower Exchange Fellowship (UCLA, USC, UCB, UTEP, University of Chicago, Ball State University, George Washington Univer-sity, Harvard University, et al.).
- Preparing survey on the system of higher education in USA in humanitarian area.
1998 Recommended for the "International Directory of Distinguished Leadership" of American Bio-graphical Institute.
1998 Diploma of the first degree of the Fund of N.Rubakin for the book "Introduction to Psychiatric Literary Criticism."
1997 Silver medal in commemoration of the 70-th anniversary of the National Political University
1986 Laureate of the 9-th All-Union Championship of Young Scientists and Specialists in Social Sci-ences.

4. Non-academic Honours

1990 Administration of the Preparatory faculty for foreign citizens of Moscow State University
Diploma for the active and fruitful work in the local committee of the trade union association
1976 Committee of Young Communist League Organisation in the Peoples' Friendship University after P.Lumumba.
Certificate for strengthening friendship among nations

5. Research Grants and Commissioned Research

2000 Moscow Public Science Foundation, Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation
National Report on the Cultural policy of the Russian Federation. "Language and Literature".
1995-2001 Independent Group on Computer Text Analysis
"Expert Psycholinguistic Computer Program VAAL" http://www.iph.ras.ru:8101/~shalack/
2000 Russian Fund for Humanitarian Research. Regional Competition.
"Gender and Language" (in co-authorship).
2000 Russian Fund for Humanitarian Research
"Love Novel: Language and Images" (in co-authorship).
1999 Russian Fund for Humanitarian Research. Regional Competition
"Identification of Personality by Speech" (in co-authorship)
1996-1997 Russian Fund for Humanitarian Research.
"Sociology of Reading" (in co-authorship).
1996-1997 Russian Fund for Basic Studies
Organizing of one-year permanent seminar in psycholinguistics (in co-authorship).
1996-2000 Russian Fund for Basic Studies
Publishing the manuscript "Models of the World in Fiction."
1994-1995 Cultural Initiative International fund
Textbook on psycholinguistics. (in co-authorship).
1994 "Cultural Initiative" international fund (Soros foundation)
Publishing of the dictionary "Living Speech" ("Zhivaja Rech'") (in co-authorship).
1990-1991 Institute of Linguistics of Russian Academy of Sciences.
Research program "Planetary Consciousness." Subproject: "The Similarity of Psychological Char-acteristics of Communicants as a Condition of Optimization of Communication."
1989-1989 Institute of Linguistics of Russian Academy of Sciences
"Identification of Personality by Speech."
1989-1991 Moscow State University
"Qualification of the Initial Level and Dynamics of the Development of Knowledge, Abilities and Skills in Second Language Acquisition". Head of the research group.


  1. Publications - more than 70 articles, 3 monographs, 3 textbooks, 2 dictionaries and 2 anthologies are published. (in Russian, except for those marked with *) http://www.textology.ru/belyanin/bel_bib.html
  2. Participation in Scholarly Meetings
    • Panel chair and co-ordinator
      1. International Conference “Teaching Foreign Languages in the Age of Globalisation” (Taipei, R.O.C.) 2000.
      2. International conference “Gender, Language and Culture”. (Moscow, Russia) 1999.
      3. 6-10; 12-13th All-Union and International Symposiums on Psycholinguistics and Mass Communication. Inst. of Linguistics of the Academy of Sciences. (Moscow, Russia) 1978, 1982, 1985, 1988, 1991, 1994, 2000.
    • Panel chair and Speaker
      1. Emotions, Creativity, and Art. Perm Institute of Culture (Perm, Russia) 1997.
      2. Theory and Practice of Teaching Slavic Languages. University of Y.Pannonius. (Pech, Hungary) 1994.
      3. Text and Dictionary. University of Opole. (Poland) 1994.
    • Participant and Speaker:
      1. Russian Language: its past and Present State. Moscow State University (Moscow, Russia) 2001.
      2. Psycho-technologies in Politics, Business and Education. Russian Academy of Civil Service at the President of Russian Federation. Four speeches. (Moscow, Russia) 2001.
      3. Second Scientific and Practical Conference “New Electoral Technologies: Peculiarities of Elections in regions”. ITAR-TASS, “Psychology and Business Online”. (Moscow, Russia) 2000.
      4. International conference “Multimedia in Education” (Moscow, Russia) 2000.
      5. International conference on MAPRYAL “Russian Language at the Beginning of the New Century”. (Bratislava, Slovakia) 1999.
      6. International conference “Phraseology and Culture” Institute of Linguistics. (Moscow, Russia) 1998.
      7. International conference devoted to the 30-th anniversary of MAPRYAL (International Association of Teachers of Russian Language and Literature). (Moscow, Russia) 1997.
      8. Linguomethodic and Didactic Problems of Teaching Russian Language as a Foreign in Higher Schools. (Taipei, Taiwan R.O.C.) 1996.
      9. Modern Russian Language: Description and Teaching. Russian Centre of Culture. (Budapest, Hungary) 1996.
      10. American Literature in Russia. Moscow State University, faculty of journalism. (Moscow, Russia) 1995.
      11. Ethnic and Language Self-consciousness. Moscow, Institute of the Peoples of Russia. (Moscow, Russia) 1995.
      12. Perspectives of the Development of Methodics: theory and practice of teaching Russian language and culture for foreigners. Peoples' Friendship University. (Moscow, Russia) 1995.
      13. *Language and Consciousness. Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. (Varna, Bulgaria) 1995.
      14. 5-th Sociolinguistic Workshop. Institute of Bulgarian language. (Sofia, Bulgaria) 1995.
      15. Ethnopsycholinguistic Modelling of Cultures. Institute of Linguistics of Russian Acad. of Sciences. (Moscow, Russia). 1995.
      16. Linguistics at the End of the XX-th Century. Moscow State University. (Moscow, Russia). 1995.
      17. International Scientific Session devoted to the 100-th anniversary of V.Vinogradov. Moscow State University. (Moscow, Russia), 1995.
      18. IV International Symposium on Language and Culture. Institute of Russian Language after Pushkin. (Moscow, Russia). 1994.
      19. Culture and the World of the Language. Moscow State Univ. (Moscow, Russia). 1994.
      20. First National Congress on Reading. (Moscow, Russia, 1992).
      21. VII International Congress of International Association of Teachers of Russian Language and Literature (MAPRAL). (Moscow, Russia, 1990).
      22. Scientific Conference devoted to the Days for Soviet Literature on Cuba. (Republic of Cuba, 1988).
      23. Methodological Conference of the Graduates of Soviet High Schools. (Republic of Cuba, 1988).
    • Participant:
      1. To Protect a Book. International Congress. Ministry of Press. (Moscow, Russia) 1994.
      2. Biannual Meeting of the Research Group "Comparative Charting of Social Change.” (Italy). 1994.
    • Some Invited Lectures
      1. “The language of manipulation”. College of Management, Academy of National Economy (Moscow, Russia) 2001.
      2. “Trends in Modern Russian language” Centre of Russian Culture (Budapest, Hungary: May 2001).
      3. “How psycholinguistics can help you from being manipulated” Moscow State University, Centre for International Education, (Moscow, Russia) 2001.
      4. “How to identify a person by speech”. Security Company. (Moscow) 2000.
      5. “How to create an ideal advertisement”. Co “Psychology and Business Online” (Moscow) 2000.
      6. ”Psycholinguistics of advertising”. Co “Managing Success (Moscow) 2000.
      7. “Psychiatric analysis of text”. Russian Academy of Sciences. Institute of Psychology. (Moscow) 2000.
      8. “Speech behaviour from psycholinguistic point of view”. Moscow State University, Philological faculty. (Moscow) 2000.
      9. “What is psycholinguistics?” Ven-Hua Culture University, (Taiwan, Taipei R.O.C.) 2000.
      10. *“Psychological restrictions of formal language analysis” Academia Sinica. (Taiwan R.O.C., Taipei) 2000.
      11. *“Psychiatric view on Russian literature”. Fu-Jen Catholic University. (Taiwan R.O.C., Taipei) 2000.
      12. *“Neuro-biological foundations of literary text”. National Political University (Taiwan R.O.C., Taipei) 2000.
      13. “Language of religion”. Medical Union of Psychotherapists. (Moscow, Russia) 1999.
      14. "How Russian language is taught in American universities” Russian Learning Centre. (Moscow, Russia) 1998.
      15. "Psycholinguistics in Russia”. University of Texas in El Paso, Psychological faculty. (USA El Paso, TX: 1998).
      16. "New trends in teaching Russian language for international students” NASA. (USA, Houston TX: 1998).
      17. "How to use neuro-linguistic programming in teaching Russian” Kharkov Politechnical Institute (Kharkov, Ukraine) 1998.
      18. "New trends in teaching foreign languages” Centre for International Education, Moscow State University. (Moscow, Russia) 1997.
      19. "Psychiatric approach to Chekhov’ stories”. Museum of A.Chekhov. (Moscow, Russia) 1997.
      20. "Humour in Russian language behaviour” Ven-Hua Culture University. (Taiwan, R.O.C. Taipei: 1997).
      21. "Psycholinguistics of literary text”. University of Complutensas. (Spain, Madrid: 1995).
      22. *"Abilities for foreign languages". University of Seville. Congress on Teaching Languages and Culture (Spain, Seville: 1995).
      23. "Language game in Russian language”. University of Seville. (Spain, Seville) 1995.
      24. "Russian colloquial speech” Institute of State Governing. (Moscow, Russia) 1994.
      25. "Language of affective disorders.” Alcoholic Clinics No 104. (Moscow, Russia) 1986.
  3. Intellectual products
    © 1995 Intellectual part of computer-based program of text analysis VAAL
    © 1985 Projective Literary Test
    2000-2001 Editor of the CDRom edition “Psycholinguistics 2000”: Russian and English articles, abstracts, textbooks, undergraduate, graduate works, Ph.D. and Dr. Sc. theses and monographs on psycholinguistics, linguistics, literature, psychology, neuro-linguistic programming, speech influence, public relations, psychotherapy. - Moscow, Psychology and Business Online Co, (170 Mb. - over 1000 works)


  1. Undergraduate lecture courses: taught and designed
    • English language stylistics
    • Sociolinguistics
  2. Graduate lecture courses: taught and designed
    • General linguistics
    • Sociolinguistics
    • Communication studies
    • Methodology of teaching a foreign language
    • Psycholinguistics
    • Language of public relations
    • Lnguage and power
    • Psycholinguistics of advertising
    • Introduction to psychology
    • Psychology of Language
    • Abnormal Psychology
    • Patopsycholinguistics
    • Forensic linguistics
    • Forensic psychology
    • Neuro-linguistic programming.
  3. Teaching Russian language for non-native speakers
    • Introductory Russian: basic grammar, conversation, and reading with emphasis on communication skills
    • Russian language for advanced students
    • Creative writing and critical thinking in Russian
    • Academic listening and speaking skills in Russian
    • Russian conversation skills
    • Russian language through the cinema
    • Russian language through the media
    • Russian language through fiction
    • Russian language and Russian culture
    • Russian language for international politics
    • Russian for academic purposes: for studying pedagogics, philology, journalism, history, economics, biology, medicine, physics, chemistry, computer science, and psychology.
    • Intensive Russian language courses for international teachers.
  4. Post-Doctoral Theses Supervision
    1. Repina E. Psycholinguistic Typology of Political Texts (Moscow State Linguistic Univ.) (in process for Ph.D.).
    2. Oschepkova E. Identifying Person’s Gender through Written Text (Moscow State Linguistic University) (in process for Ph.D.).
    3. Markelova S. Language of Totalitarian Religious Organisations (Moscow State Linguistic University) (in process for Ph.D.).
    4. Svetlichnaya Yu. Romance Novels in Russian and in English: Language and Images. (Moscow State Linguistic University) (in process for Ph.D.).
    5. Gil O. “Speech Manifestations of Personality in Narration”. (PhD, Moscow State Linguistic Univ., Russia 2000).
    6. Sarakaeva E. “Psycholinguistic Analysis of Missionary Texts” (Ph.D., Kuban State University, Russia, 2001).
    7. Krasilnikova V. “Psycholinguistic Analysis of Lexical and Semantic Transformations in Translation and Literary Retelling of Literary text” (Ph.D., Moscow State Linguistic University, Russia 1998).
    8. Bondarevskaya O. “Psychological Analysis of Foreign Language Abilities” (Ph.D. in psychology, Yaroslavl State University, Russia, 1998).
  5. Course and Graduate Theses Supervision
    --- more than 40 since 1990 in Russian and English on such topics as:
      Humour in Language and Speech
    • Humour in Russian and American culture
    • Language Game in Russian and English
    • Lying and Deception in Speech (experimental study)
    • Identification of Personality by Speech
    • Handwriting Analysis (in different languages, experimental study)
    • Sociolinguistics of Graffiti
    • Different Translations of one and the same Literary Text (L.Carrol, C.Collodi, F.Baum, et al.)
    • Psycholinguistic Analysis of Literary Text: its Production and Perception (experimental studies)
    • Language of Schizophrenia
    • Language of Advertising
    • Language of Internet
    • Language of Psychotherapy
    • Neuro-linguistic Programming in Verbal Behaviour, Advertising and Education
    et al.


1. Within University

1994-1996 Moscow State University. Centre for International Education
Head of Research Department.
Tasks - coordinating scientific research
- editing bulletins, magazines, textbooks
- supervising the work of the faculty library
1990-1992 Head of the group of instructors teaching Russian for advanced students
Tasks - visiting lessons and giving recommendations
- delivering lectures
- supervising education and examination materials
1985-1987 Deputy Chair of the Department
Tasks - supervising scientific research of faculty members
- writing reports on scientific work
- office management
- human resources advisor
1984-1986 Member of the local trade union organisation
Tasks - distributing social care benefits and consumer goods among workers
1981-1984 Member of the department wall-bulletin commission
Tasks - writing, collecting and editing articles.


1.Within University

2000-2001 Moscow State University. Centre for International Education.
Position Member of the Web-site commission
Tasks - consulting website designer, editing advertising materials.

2. Outside University in academic sphere

1995-2001 Senate for awarding Ph.D. And Dr. Litt. degrees, Peoples’ Friendship University. (Moscow, Russia)
Position Member of the Council
Tasks - reviewing and external expertise of Ph.D. theses
1989-1995 Senate of the International Institute of Languages and Cultures named after Leo Tolstoy, (Moscow, Russia)
Position Member of the Council
Tasks - elaborating educational strategy
1987-2001 Moscow State University, Moscow State Linguistic University, Kuban State University, Tver State University, Volgograd State University, Institute of Russian Language, et. al.
Position Official external advisor
Tasks - reviewing summaries of theses, Ph.D. and Doctoral theses on general linguistics, psycholinguistics, pedagogics and related areas (over 25).

3. Outside University in nonacademic sphere

1999-present Web-site http://www.textology.ru
Position Chief Editor http://www.textology.ru/person.html
Tasks - finding and editing texts for web-site
- motivating contributing authors
- translating monthly issues from Russian into English
1998-present Company “Psychology and Business Online” http://www.psycho.ru
Position Consultant http://www.psycho.ru/face/index.htm
Tasks - determining priorities
- designing and conducting educational seminars
- elaborating seminar programs
- commissioning and editing web-site materials
- creating and editing advertising materials
1998-present Company “Managing Success” http://www.ycnex.ru
Position Consultant
Tasks - editing advertising materials
1997-present Website http://www.vaal2000.newmail.ru
Position Co-editor of the web-site
Tasks - writing articles for the site
2001 Regional Electoral Campaign (Norilsk, Russia)
- conception and editing electoral texts
2000 Parliament Electoral Campaign (Moscow, Russia)
- editing campaign texts and consulting the parliamentary candidate
2000 City regional (governor’s) Electoral Campaign (Moscow, Russia)
- editing electoral texts
- analyzing TV presentations and consulting the candidate
1994 Institute of Youth. IREX Program "Business for Russia". (Khabarovsk, Russia)
Position Chief of the group of experts
Tasks - selecting candidates for the program.

4. Expertises

2001 National Board of Law Psychologists (Russia)
- forensic psycholinguistic analysis of anonymous texts.
2000-2001 International Association for Technical Assistance (Brussels, Belgium)
- reviewing research projects on Eastern Europe in the area of linguistics and sociolinguisitcs
2000-2001 Golovinsky Municipal Court (Moscow, Russia)
- Official psycholinguistic expert analysis of the texts of the Watch Tower Society (Jehovah’s Witnesses of Russia)
2000 Pharmaceutical Company Dr Reddy’s
- Official psycholinguistic expert analysis of the brand inscription

5. Professional Memberships

  • American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies. (Cambridge, MA, USA)
  • Academy of Humanities Research. (Russia, and International) (Correspondence Member)
  • Scientific Council on the Defence of Dissertations, Peoples' Friendship University (Russia)
  • International Association of Applied Psycholinguistics. (Portugal)
  • International Association of the Teachers of Russia Language and Literature - ROPRYAL. (collective membership)
  • Moscow Union of Terminologists. (Russia)
  • Reading Foundation (Russia)
  • Moscow Applied Linguistics Association. (Russia)
  • Association of Psycholinguists of Russia
  • National Board of Law Psychologists (Russia)
  • Russian Psychological Society
  • Moscow Psychotherapeutic Academy. (Elected member).


Psycholinguistics, cognitive linguistics, computational linguistics, lexicography, theory of literature, verbal behaviour, sociolinguistics, psychiatric linguistics, psychotherapy, distance profiling. advertising, neuro-linguistic programming, public relations.

V. BelianinOctober 2001